Handling of any kind of over dimensional cargo by sea / air is also taken care of. We have handled erections / dismantling of projects/sites and stuffing / loading / freight forwarding anywhere in the world. We've also had the opportunity to handle relief supplies to the trouble torn areas of Iran, Iraq,  Russia, Turkic Republics, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also specialize in exhibition cargoes and moves on CARNET.


We provide excellent chartering of vessels whether you need them for personal use or for relocation of your prized cargo. We offer full and part-charters, voyage /time charters. We remain connected with the best and the biggest vessel owner’s world wide with a network of associates all across the world.

We understand that to service international clientele, commercial knowledge and strength is crucial. We understand that chartering and broking are vital elements in the ship's agency business.

We have developed a complete line of efficient and reliable partners that include exclusive and non-exclusive brokers.

Being an institution of repute has also allowed us to maintain and build relationships with trading houses for effective long term contract handling or COAs. Adeptly handling charterers and owners for settlement of disbursements and account statements, is a quality you are assured.



Project handling and special equipment arrangement
In-gauge shipment & out gauge shipment
Overweight shipment & DOT Regulation (Overweight, Out- gauge)
Bulk shipment (Routing)
Truck equipment: regular trailer, flat bed truck, low Boy, double drop, etc.
Railing & piggy back
Road permit per states (Eastern & western states)

Project Logistics, Project Cargo
Worldwide logistics for major engineering and construction projects including heavy-lift transportation and deliveries to remote locations around the globe.

Through a global infrastructure of established offices and agents providing management resources that enables us to execute your project cargo from the start up to finalization.

We are committed to help our clients to choose the safest services available in order to deliver the goods in the most cost effective and efficient combination of modern and up-to-date worldwide logistics services available.


Enjoy economy of scale by storing your merchandise - short term or long term - in our dedicated warehouses in different cities of Turkey. Our warehouses are strategically positioned to ensure that we have easy access to wherever your merchandise needs to be.

We care for you & your goods - Round the world and around the clock.

We also have an impressive variety of services enabling us to move your merchandise to the final delivery point - easily and efficiently. You can use any of our wharf drayage and yard management, cross-docking, trucking, reverse logistics, packing and dispatch services.