Organic Raw Bat Fertilizer
Origin: Turkish
Min. Order Quantity: 1.000 KG
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Accumulated over the centuries in the caves 'bat manure' shepherd short way from the university until the dream of being rich was the eyes of entrepreneurs who set up. Entrepreneurs are used in organic agriculture and processed to 5 dollars per kilo in the raw is already sold about 25 dollars in the race to collect bat manure. 
Taurus Mountains goat grazing for years now have a new job which has the shepherds. Well as a job to do so rich in her dreams. Accumulated over the centuries in caves "Bat manure" shepherd short way from the university until the dream of being rich was the eyes of entrepreneurs who set up. Growth of organic agriculture in Turkey and around the world increasingly valuable as gold when the bat manure, such as gold mine cave also got on the securities. To 5 dollars per kilo in the raw, processed form of approximately $ 25 per bat sold to collect manure entrepreneurs such as the Ministry of Forestry and National Real Estate Office authorities began to erode the door. 
Agricultural Engineer with 36 years in Adana and Izmir, with Christmas tree Sevket bat manure Harun Serbest business entrepreneurs who only two of dressing. Together with partners from the Ministry of Forestry to hire a cave Taurus Sevket Akçam, to apply for three caves, while the Turkey's bat manure to produce Harun Serbest permission of the owner became the first company. 

6 million tons reserves 
Turkey with approximately 40 thousand caves, world-wide cave known as paradise. And in Europe in terms of density of the cave is located in the first place. Only 20 of the caves open to tourists. A large part of the cave while the rest still have not come to light. In caves in Turkey are estimated 5-6 million tons of reserves as a bat in the direction of manure. 
Turkey's bat to meet the organic fertilizers in agriculture was. Organic fertilizer for agriculture, a big bat is important. 
Within the very rich nitrogen, nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and the bat manure, be broken down by microorganisms due to many years of waiting, is converted to inorganic compounds. More output with very small amounts are taken. Therefore, also known as concentrated fertilizer. This is because not only is organic. At the same time productivity has increased by 112 per cent with 56 percent being. 
On the other hand can not be found easily as any other animal manure is another factor in price increases. 
Because of all these factors, such as bat manure glad to have found those who find gold. Bat manure collection methods to work at changing the marketing of the entrepreneur rather interesting. Posting on the Internet with their hands on the bat manure, which indicate the amount of installed entrepreneurs, from the collection process is done according to demand. 


* Being used in organic farming 
* Ham as 5 dollars per kilo 
* Processed approximately $ 25 per case 
* Very small amounts are taken with more efficiency. 
* Also known as concentrated fertilizer 
* Efficiency is increased by 112 per cent with 56 per cent 
* Maximum of 20 percent of bat manure should have humidity. 
* After the drying out of the cave is required. 
* After a ton of action from the back 400-500 kilogram fertilizer remains. 
* Approximately 40 thousand caves in Turkey in the 5-6 million tons of reserves have bat manure ..........

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