Our company is the official representative for foreign trade of Kula mineral waters

for develop Business with your company, please find the following information for your kind interest.

Kula Mineral Water Plant, entering to the Thirty-seventh, Kula Mineral Water Plant in Mineral Water industry, It became a brand with increasing product quality for mineral water lovers drinking safely. From 1972, Kula Mineral Water activities each year increased in market.

Entered service in 2008 with new machinery throwaway bottles production capacity has reached, per hour 36,000 bottles, per hour 14,000 bottles of mineral water casing, Totally reached 50,000 bottles / hour capacity, Now, Also, we offer natural mineral water with fruit 74,000 bottles / hour capacity. we produce %100 of natural fruity aroma of our mineral water, lemon, apple, cherry, strawberry and pomegranate,

The main objective of our business, fully automatic, without touching, the most beneficial for human health from the sources, directly with the principle of filling the best and continuous same quality to the final consumer.


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